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Ch-ch-changes ….

How does the song go? “Turn to face the strange…” Yea no kidding.

The gang recently has been bombed with changes, sadness, disappointments, illnesses of loved ones and broken hearts.

I take it upon myself to try to be a good cheer-er-upper. But today I wonder where I am going to pull some positivity from.

I’m moved at the seemingly meaningless moments I spent enjoying things “the way they were” – like at lunch with friends or talking to a healthy version of a dear person.

I’m not sure what the turn of season or events has for us. I hope we can embrace these last nights of Summer and hold our moments of peace with thankfulness.

:-) My reminder to take care of ourselves and each other.

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Caution: crazy texts may be saner than they appear

Originally posted on Tequilatudes:

I have a friend from my theater days, Mike, who recently lost his husband to a sudden illness.  Oh my goodness how my heart aches for him! Even though it has been a long time since we’ve seen each other, it is truly unique the bond you have with people you do theater with. I’m not really sure why, but it’s a kismet-ic type bond.

Anyway, today, Mike posted on his Facebook “I’m sad.”

He was honest, authentic and real. He communicated to his friends, how he was feeling.

Not too long ago, I had a discussion with Nic about a similar topic. She had been going through some difficult court proceedings and family drama and the stress was just getting to her. She needed a hug. (…and if you’ve been single and away from your family ever… you know that a hug is sometimes far and too few in between.)

No one…

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The short life of love in the carpool lane.

Tequila Tudes:

Is the reason you are happy the person you are with? Or is it the person you have become? Can dating be the new therapy? #Throwback

Originally posted on Tequilatudes:

Love. What a mother fucker.
Carpooling. What a mother fucker.
Now I’m alone in the slow moving lane. “Single driver” yea. No kidding.

Three weeks ago, Samantha had a Fall luncheon at her house and invited colleagues, clients and friends.

To make a 3 week story shorter, I will give you the quick intake of the matter.

I went to the event. I socialized. I met Richard and Chris.

Richard and I got into a heated debate near the end of the evening which lead to drinks at his place. Nice but “no cigar” and I drove away ( in the single lane) that morning in peace.

Chris messaged me as I pulled out of Richard’s driveway with witty comments and friendly banter. We agreed that on his stint with visiting my home office as a vendor we should car pool. We got to know each other a bit more…

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Why I’m scared of online dating

Tequila Tudes:

Omg I am reading this so I thought you might want too. Xo – TequilaT

Originally posted on athousanddates:

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a strong supporter of online dating.

But sometimes it does scare the bejesus out of me.

Case in point: I was chatting to a guy on Tinder who was age appropriate and cute and seemed lovely if his texts were anything to go by. Lovely, I tell you.

We arranged to go out on a date. A few days before, I realised we had a mutual friend. So I texted the wife of said mutual friend just to check in.

It turns out he is a racist.

And a gambling addict.

And has spent time in prison.

And has been trying to teach his son how to backhand a woman.

I. Am. Not. Joking.

I am forever in debt to Trakka for giving me the low down on this low life.

It is frightening how little you can know about…

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Random thoughts on a Sunday

So yea… It’s the day before I start again in the corporate work world.

As I settle into my adorable couch pillows and sigh happily about to read more of my Mindy Kaling book. (She gets me.)

My mind drifts, did I forget I was bummed? I could be in the arms of the hot Italian lover man. I could be on a first date. I could be anywhere!

I inspect my feelings, and I am so happy right now, in my little boho-chic apartment. I would not dream of not being here enjoying the last moments of the weekend.

Note to self: protect personal freedom
& private space at all costs. (These yoga pants are not fit for public and way too comfortable to get rid of.)

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So you know how Guru’s have a vision that leads to enlightenment ? I am enlightened – but I didn’t have a vision, I had a man.

He was one in a million – (literally and figuratively.)

Three days prior to meeting Mr. Million, I had received a text from Kyle asking me out on a date. Kyle said he’d have to schedule it for the upcoming week. I replied, “I will go, unless I meet Mr. Perfect, then no chance for you buddy.” Kyle teased me in response and I said with a smirk, “He’s going to show up, I just know it.”

Knowing Kyle would schedule a friendly FWB date in the future. I proceeded to meet other people.

Three days later: I was sipping Merlot the night I said hello to Mr. Million and five other guys.

Million called me the next day and we went to dinner that night. The date, to me, was perfect.

By perfect I mean : easy to be me, beautiful place, he had impeccable manners and yet we laughed at how
much we had in common.

One full week of bliss.

And that’s all it was. One perfect week.

Can you put a price on that ?  I thought you couldn’t… but once it’s over … Can you?

Open to thoughts …is the value in the moment or the outcome ?

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The city girl and (social) corn hole.

Originally posted on Tequilatudes:

Have you ever had great drunk sex?

Tawdry, sloppy and giggly drunk passionate sex? Hehe. Yea.

Nic had a night out with Jay – a corn-fed import from one of “those” states.

Nic and Jay had been friends for years. Jay was someone who oddly reminded her of her California people and they always had something banal, entertaining and slightly insightful to discuss.

In the spice of life, Nic knew Jay was a poblano pepper – looked good, waxy, appeared spicy but oh so mild and usually served filled with lots of sh*t.

The beauty of their affinity was that over the years; the connection never faded nor did it ever turn from platonic… At least in her eyes.

Years ago, Jay made a pass at Nic which she batted off much like you would shoo a large Golden Retriever off the couch.

Nic turned to date her fateful ex…

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