Heckle and…hide me, is that him?

August (one of em days), 2013

11:30 ish pm – Where was I? Oh – after a talk that lasted about a month – I’m not being mean, but seriously, this was the story that would never END. I was about to burst! We had been here since 8. I went to bathroom and when I came back he was in my chair! You would THINK he would have got my number. Not that I care, but who wants a wuss around. JS. Ugh.

12:50 ish pm – OH Frliend. He’s kinda cute. LOL just saying. I dunno why I hate him when I’m sober. I even mustered out a “you are SO smart” and I didn’t laugh!! WTH?!! It’s got bee that smilely smirk voodoo he has. VODOO fucker! Oh shit, he’s coming! What does it take to flirt these days!? Geesh!

Last Call – *hehehe. HI, yea.

08:30 am – Hey to you! Thanks for calling me a good flirt. Har Har I know I’ve had practice. NO last night was not interesting and NO I didn’t take a romp by a tree. What is WRONG with you? lol. If you refering to THAT MAN… well, it’s simple – He’s a douche canoue, sportsy, aged, frat guy. I would NEVER give him the time of day! He’s obnoxious! A know it all! AND he’s… gack! NOOOO.

When he first started hanging there I was still with the ex. I did not notice good ol douchey at all until he started talking to my friend about movies. I noticed I was annoyed. that was only the beginning. He kept getting in my bubble! It was intrusive! Hell! He was trying to read what I was writing…UPSIDE DOWN! ( Ikr?!? Standing next to me like a subway style creep and just reading. I’m still researching if that’s illegal.) Nosey Butt couldn’t seem to do it, so he turned it around! He’s just so…rude!

Way after the break up, I did notice he was sometimes good looking.

/Face palm. Look, my “no time of day” rule seems to be confused by the times of evening that we run into each other.


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