What makes me sad at this happy moment in my life … Is the people who saw me struggle and suffer to even obtain half of the life peace I have at this moment … are not here.

Be it death, time, space or the ebbs & flows of life, they are “gone”.

Frankly, in a very specific way I feel like I conquered Everest and look around and there is not that high-five there that knows the pain of the journey, the high five that makes your hand sting.

It is lonely.

Why am I happy ? Moved on in my career, removed negativity & cared for my health, accepted myself without judgement. (Lol. No. Quitting tequila was not part of that plan! Rotfl.)

I question my new solidity with skepticism. “Why do you need someone else to approve your victories ?” Ah … I don’t know. (If you knew me personally, it is an answer I would not accept.)

Reality is, I do know. Gaining my hard earned props in life is not enough, I ( unfortunately ) want someone to share the journey with.

So, can I share it with you ?

The Journey that sums mine up is … Journey.Click this link


2 thoughts on “Sad

    1. Hi Ts. Thanks for the comment! I have struggled with feeling that a desire for companionship is weakness. I have concluded that it is part of the human experience. I believe that the inability to move forward without companionship is where the problem can be. I want a distraction some times, I want a reason not to work at complete self capability… I can see that. So I avoid it…and enjoy my Tequila. Happy Margarita Sunday!! 🙂
      Cheerrz! ❤

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