A game of real or fake ( or miraculous ) – a boob story part I

A second chance to catch the start of the story before the next part comes out !


Gather around kiddos, it’s time for a Tit Tale from Tequiltudes.

It all occurred on a Fall Friday at 6pm. At this time and day, the ladies restroom at work is full of females ( including myself), and all of us are putting ourselves “back together” after work. On this particular Friday, I propped up next to the mirror with a lot of other gals to touch up my make up and march outward to happy hour.

My friends (Melanie, Nic and Reed) were waiting for me at our usual Pub. ( we go here specifically for dinner and pre-drinks as a means to relax, before we go – “out”.

I call this the “work it out time.”  Truth be known, we are all to old to finish a day at the office and be all “happy snappy” and this dimly lit little Pub (haven) allows us to arrive and greet our friends with…

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