Quitters never need ashtrays

Cute Doctors are fun.

Cute Doctor telling you to quit smoking is another type of experience.

There’s nothing “wrong” thank goodness ~ but I’m at the age to recover from any damage smoking may have caused, I need to quit now.

My zesty affair with cigarettes began in college, at a pool hall, with a tall sexy beefy guy wearing jeans and a Hanes T shirt and a leather jacket.

Cigarettes while driving around listening to Metallica, cigs while discussing life at the coffee shop, cigs doing writing projects at Waffle House, cigs at the bar with the friends.

Writing – coffee – smoking, became my journalistic writing trifecta. ( yes, before Carrie Bradshaw )

Even now a day, Reed giggles at the thought of me at my desk, smoking and blogging away.

Smoking was the perfect “thing to do,when u don’t know what to do”. It was the perfect accessory to my shyness.

I have stuck with no carbs, I’ve stuck with jobs & I’ve stuck in relationships. I’m no quitter ~~ so I wonder how do I go about this ?




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