A toast for Howard

Once upon a Kareoke night ~ a long, long time ago there were several friends who found themselves in a long thin table at the front of a Kareoke dance night at a Sports Bar.

Reed, Sam & Howard was there. Mel was there earlier. She left on a “trip to the bathroom” due to some unfortunate affinity a neighbor of mine had for her. We didn’t know it at the time, but poor Mel was stuck sitting next to him and as he “bar yelled” bad stories in her ear ~ she had advised that Dragon Breath had almost melted her earring off with halitosis and hot air.

Howard got off work late and arrived as the party was getting started. Minus Dragon Breath, we all had a popping night. At some point the waitress recommends Vegas Bombs…

And then we all piece together what happened. Mostly because it was so long ago. One relic from that night remains. An actual ~ un edited photo of the tables*s shot glasses ~ after a toast to “the usual”.

We danced. We laughed. I ended up standing behind Howard’s bar chair watching the dance floor, shimmying from my stance on the sidelines … and ended up dancing quite a bit on what was Howard & his chair…and somehow ended up sharing a Jack & Coke with him.

He & I spoke the next day.

Howard – what happened last night.

Me – Not sure…but u might be pregnant.

Howard – wtf.

Me – the chair dancing … It’s a joke.

Howard – ( facepalm )



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