Dollar beer night and other cheap treats

Meet Sam ….


In the 99 day bday of Tequilatudes, I have posted some of my best drunken diatribes from the bar front –

June 29, 2013

Hey! Last night I worked late and met my friend Sam for a drink at a little bar near my place. We were minding our own when a 21 yr old car sales man rolls up to us and starts talkin. I had just finished a sentence telling Sam to start dating again for fun and he introduces himself as T.J.

His boss shows up behind him… Will a 60+ year old, pink polo sport’n, lil slice of old spice. I assume he was there supervising young T.J as he laid his mack for awhile and then left us with cash to get our next round. * Hell yea. Great move.

They come back to our table eventually and dude is hitting on Sam as Will…

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