It was a dark and stormy drag queen…

The first introduction to Reed ~ you will see its in an email format ~ the very birth of Tequilatudes were from emails to a friend. Very ” dear prudence ” 🙂


August 16, 2013

It could have been a calm night. An Avacado, an herbal tea & some kindle reading before bed time. However, my good ol’ friend, Reed, invited me as her date to her sister’s birthday party, at the infamous Gay Bar in town.  Ah yes; Gold’s.

A bar I recall well from my early “fruit fly” years ( Will & Grace was a big deal then! Like a Tickle Me Elmo of your 20s ~ every girl wanted a gay guy BFF to call their own…& I had several. )

That bar is known for strong great cheap drinks ~ and bad ass music and has their drag shows. Tonight it wasn’t just the queens ~ I saw drag “kings” I have never seen that before !

Reed and I usually get into trouble when we are together. Though we have been friends for years, this is the…

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