Wine-y-osis : A disease brought about by Chardonnay

In this tale of catching “tail” Mel joins me on the discovery of “wine-y-osis”



August 3, 2013 7:18 am

PS. I know in the throws of wineo I wrote you. I don’t have the balls to read what I said writing you from the cab. So if ya would just… let this one slide, I’ll owe ya forever. All I know is I called Melanie a red neck. I can’t find my freaking Dooney and Burke limited edition wallet * lol Lord knows what I said to you! It was Chardonnay! Little, tiny, innocent looking bottles in a friendly ice bucket! How could I be so foolish? Hard liquor only! I would facepalm myself but I still cant even FEEL my face.   ***Melanie just texted me, she found the wallet, thank God.****   I’m going to try and take a bath and sober up and not drown. 

The Bar Spot is in the mall right near the house. Melanie and I are neighbors so…

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