Love before 5 pm (a Mel theory)

Mel is car and man shopping. She has advised that assessing the features of a Lexus 430 …is like picking up at man, at an Early-Bird Special.

(Imagine Irish Coffees on the iron table of a sunny Pub Porch and Mel explaining the similarities in her sweet Southern Belle tone )

” He*s just like that dang car…”

It takes 4 pumps to get it “a-go-in”

You have to upgrade if you want something that looks good, handles well and will “heat your seat”

Ideally, ya get one with a Top thats Hard but will retract when you are done having it up

In the end- you are gonna need 2:
one that can take you far, with low mileage….

and an impractical quick one that is a lil gassy



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