What is it with artists?


Toting coffee or booze.
(or both together in some hip-hipster combination of “arribbbbksomething beans and vodka from organic potatoes humanely squeezed at a PETA ranch”)

The REST of us don’t have time for that shit. It is almost annoying to conceptualize creative thought because we are too busy.

What is it with artists?

Aren’t they busy?
Don’t they stress out?
Do they Excel(sheet) through the day like the rest of America?

I’m disgusted. I want to yell at them from the constraints of my black outfit to grow up! Life is not about mulling over colors or books or free thought. It’s …

Caffeine mornings
Rush hour traffic
Working lunches

How dare they – live a life of a human being and dare be unappreciative of the ability to create.

How dare they have the mood swings of those REST of us that earned those…

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