Saturn survival

I sat down for a Tequila-diet with Sage.

Sage it’s all in a name, right ? She’s spiritual, deep, activist, thinker, reader and totally fashionable.

Much like the burning of her namesake herb, is cleansing – time with this friend is inspiring and healing.

We met at a swanky suburb club to enjoy the benefits of an empty and gorgeous space, on a Thursday evening. ( we also enjoyed happy hour )

I hadn’t seen her since the crest of Summer, and we caught up on her West-Coast holiday and my Southern-Summer-adventures.

I explained to her my 15 first dates of Summer. I yabbered on between sips about how parts of my past came back up into my life, in up-chuck moments, like bad halibut. I told her the tales in chronological order, however the stories flipped-flopped from past to new romance and back to past again.

I told her that I did not understand -how and why – without seeking it – did my romantic life get to be a billboard of one-hit wonders.

She looked at me from the rim of her glass, and stammered while setting the glass down, as if to realize it was her turn to respond. She set the glass down and tapped the bottom of her peach-glossed lip and said “It’s Saturn’s Return.”

I looked at her possibly like you are looking at me. “Huh?”

Without animation and with practical prose she explained and Saturn returns to the place it was when we were born between the ages of 27-33. During this time we pay for our accumulated karma and re-cycle old challenges in order to conquer these issues before we go on to the next stage of life.

I asked her how this explained my rash (non-literal) of suitors that never lasted. She explained that the energy of change exhumed the need of the potentials of my life to express last -ditch efforts to be with me. Me as I am. Because this person is about to go.

“Where am I going ??!” ( and I order another HH double, bracing myself )

She said flatly “You are changing.”

Unsure of my ‘departure’, I said, “Well, what about the people I just met?”

She looked at me with one eyebrow arched, “The energy of transformation is intoxicating and powerful. They may be wanting to ride your wave of growth.”

I think – Ride my wave or ride me ? Lol How much had she had to drink ? What’s she been smoking in her West-Coast e-cigarettes?

We go on and discuss animal totems and soul retrieval and her shaman studies. We discuss society. Roommates. Hopes. Dreams. Make out sessions. We have a girly girl night.

As we tab-out she said, “isn’t your birthday next week ?”

I look up and nod.

And she looks at me and smiles. I knew that meant – I had cycles to finish – Saturn was coming home.

When I thought 34 was going to bring me rings- this wasn’t what I meant !



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