To gay or not to say. That is the statement.

This is the day I dreaded. Back at the local pub. With my pad/pen and my happy snappy attitude – and I get asked a question that I previously always deflected. ” What’s up with your friend I met ? Have you seen her lately ?”


Will is a talky waiter I see on occasion, over the last year here.

One night, he waited on my friend and I, and totally struck it up with her. He was sincerely interested and she seemed so as well. He acted like (and later admitted to me) he would give her some naked attention, any day of the week.

What he didn’t know – was she was a total lesbian.

I had no clue how to tell him that the flirts she was shooting was to show me, she could get free stuff.

Nothing was free that night except his number and she exclaimed she hated this bar on the way out.

Ugh – MONTHS upon MONTHS later (perhaps closer to a year) he asks me about her again. Today!

Today – I ordered another shot and looked like I was so apologetic (which I was) and told him the story.

He laughed it off – but on his face I could see he thought I was fibbing.
l could have proved it but that would have been over kill. It was the truth.

I am so embarrassed to tell him – to out the secret I did not want to spill countless times later ! At the time – it all kinda racked me off – ( before her, he hit on me) so I wanted to make sure I was being compassionate to his situation. ( And not pointing out that his taste in unavailable women was possibly why he was single )

It wasn’t his fault she made him look foolish.

He came back by the table and I smiled – he asked me if I was sure she was …

Okkkkay- never mind – HE was making himself look foolish.


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