“Wien” me and find me… a travel diary

Some people see who they are in their reflection in places and people… some see it through experiences. The

re is no doubt that there is an element of discovery (self and otherwise) in traveling.

But love?

Looking back, I recall the preparation for this moment. Then it was all under the guise of random occasions – holidays, music, tastes, like, training, desires, stories, raising… in retrospect of it, all of my life to this moment seemed to be a preparation for the personification of sentiment that has overwhelmed me these past days.

Vienna, Austria (also spelled Wien in German)

Upon site, I was intrigued. Seeing it’s wounds it became personable. Experiencing it’s elegance and strength, it earned my admiration.

When I saw it’s way of life, I felt at home. And after some time… the sights & sounds made my eyes glow as bright as my smile. I was in awe. Everywhere I was with it… I was happy. I was at peace.

Relieved, overjoyed and holding dear that with every glance and experience, this place sang out part of my soul.

Sometimes we don’t speak the same language- but we understand each other. Sometimes I don’t understand at all, but eventually I get an answer.

Better then I imagined, all that I had dreamed… I fell in love so deeply that I was loved in return. It’s so right. So perfect. Quickly, I knew…

I doubted that I ever fell in love before.

This is too powerful not to be real. Too amazing to not be a fantasy! Either way, reality or dream, I am full of new life and new songs and hope and always this love will be there.

Robert Frost is famous for saying “ knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.” A small fear peaks, once I turn my back, even for a moment…I fear the moment will pass, life will churn on and this treasure will be re-hidden from me…to perhaps find again.

Even so- the purity and simplicity and remembrance of this mutual admiration and adoration is enough. It’s enough to know that such a love exists and to of experienced it is a miracle.

I never thought Vienna would become my first love, but God what a worthy one…

Keep singing my soul Wien. I will adore you forever, in you I did not discover who I was… I unearthed a soulmate.

Dec 29 ****


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