A path not to late to take

If I knew then, what I think I know now … The advice I would have taken would have been :

Don’t fear loosing someone so much, that you don’t fight for yourself. They usually come around and respect you more because of it …you will also discover you are your own person.

Bear your soul delicately to some. Be vague with most and when given the opportunity, love those you actually love…without reservation.

Learn to write “pretty”. Present yourself beautifully and embrace simple as sparkling.

Take tons of pictures. It is goofy most of the time, but later it is so precious… Remember: scraps, like movie stubs and receipts of special moments can be more of a memory holder than any album.

Be your biggest fan. Listen to your gut. Know your gifts. Your intuition is accurate.

Do things the best you can. That way you cannot worry about what you KNOW will work.


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