Sips from the wisdom of Vonnegut


“Who Am I This Time” is an intuitive story title from the mind of Kurt Vonnegut. In this story, Vonnegut writes of a shy man that participates in community theater. Off stage, the man is quiet and socially awkward. On stage, he conveyed every character with valor and artistry.

I find great perspective in short stories, especially that Vonnegut tale. The shy actor in the story was able to be confident all along, but he settled for being confident in reciting scripts and never learned to get his own voice out.

I had not thought of this story in awhile, but it popped to mind after finding an old article I had started but never finished. My old, scribbled, paragraph reminded me of that actor… set on playing a role but in exchange forgot my own voice.

I just stared at it thinking…WHO was I then?

This is what I…

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