Red neck loco

It’s 5:30 AM. I’ve been at the good ol workout for 30 mins now. Listening to a lot of music.

Red Neck Crazy popped up on the play list and I grinned.

This song cracks me up.

Have you seen the video? The chick he went all Red Neck Crazy about isn’t all-all-that. Annnd the guy she left him for was NOT even cool.

I thought to myself, this girl doesn’t look worth all that awesome effort.

I don’t judge the guy in the video.

The ones we fight for, seldom deserve it.

Makes me wonder bout the ones we let slip by. Hmm.

(segway) The words, “slip-by” rhymes with “thigh” and mine are burning!

ay yai yai. Guess I’m spin-class crazy.
Have a good morning !!


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