A sitcom and sanity

This is a blog with no intro – follow me here-
…it’s like we are talking.

I know, “so not the norm” but really when is the last time we got the chat? 🙂

So get this. TV – is pretty cool sometimes.

See, I live in a duality where I want romance and yet in the day to day it scares the Sh*t of me… Hell, it hurts the sh*t out of me.

I have discovered thus far, I am good at protection or connection – but not both. I have not yet mastered the magic mix – either I am too stand offish – or I am too invested and it was nothing to hold water.

I have to admit, this year the 2013 Winter Holiday is making me feel spry! Christmas makes me feel like I’m in LOVE. I feel happy, invincible, tender and glowing. Like one of those French movies.

I didn’t watch French movies until I heard about it in context. It was my Freshman year of college. I was sitting in the Student Center, working on homework (aka watching a hottie play pool) and catching bits and pieces of “this show” on the TV.

I caught the last bit – a part where a guy tells this chick who decided NOT to get married, that it was ok that this did not work out. He told her it was like one of those foreign films, where the couple meets in the end.

( and then the guy said a line I have taken with me since that moment because of it’s simple and profound reality check.)

He said, “…you’re just in the middle of your movie.”

I can still picture the screen, the moment…everything went blurry ( including the hottie)… all that existed was the impact of that sentence.

In the terms of a movie script, I understood! Everything in the dating world made sense!

In the middle of the movie…the character doesn’t know how it will all work out. THAT is what makes the story.

I had to find the transcript of that interaction of “that show” and here it is.

Pilot Episode of Will and Grace.

WILL: Sweetie, remember in college, we saw that French film about a man and a woman that were perfect for one another, but they kept missing each other, and in the last scene, they meet on a plane, because that’s the way it was destined to be, remember? And you said, “That’s going to be me.” Gracie, you’re just in the middle of your movie. Danny was a plot point, a nice, decent, postcoital-high-5-ing plot point. There’s still time, you know. Go get some Raisinets.

GRACE: I like Red Vines.

WILL: Whatever you want. The point is, it’s not over. If your movie’s going to have a happy ending, you just have to see it through. Come here.

WOW. I just love that. Why didn’t anyone say that earlier. And why oh DEAR ME WHY do I never take it to heart when I need it the most.

Are you in the middle of your movie too?

Maybe you found love, but have you found the rest of that goodness you are striving for?

Are you impatient in the times where what you are reaching for, is out of reach?

I am. Completely.

And every closed door feels like a slam in the gut…why this…why now…will I ever just freakin GET there?!?!?

Who the hell knows.

But I’m in this moment. In “my movie” and …since Grace mentioned it up there… Redvines do sound kinda good right now.

🙂 Chin up loves, everyone is watching. I can’t wait to see how this “story” turns out for you.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out, for all of us.


One thought on “A sitcom and sanity

  1. Reblogged this on Tequilatudes and commented:

    In the Spring of 2015, I am not feeling in LOVE as I was when I jotted this down in the Winter of 2013, but the message was one I needed to hear today… when things get rocky or the goals seem lost in a foggy present moment, it is nice to remember ” you are in the middle of you movie.”

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