A time to stop the bullshit

Nothing I am posting is updating- nothing is clicking- my inspiration is gone. I have to ask myself WHY.  Maybe I’m full of it.

Maybe what I was writing was good – but it was too “wrapped up” in the end like a 30-min sit com. Life is not like that – and this damn blog is not like that – because it is about life.

So now, I’m looking at you – and you are looking at me…and I really don’t want to tell you what’s going on with me now.

It’s not cute – it’s not a fun, drunken tale- it actually kinda sucks and is sorta boring. I am really okay with my “now”- but to share it in a blog? I mean, come on, it’s like describing oatmeal. Who really cares about that, ya know?

If my ‘oatmeal’ may be of interest – here it is – my bullshit, without the “bullshit”

  • I have not set foot in one of my local haunts in over a month.
  • I’m not seeing anyone.
  • I’m not richer or more famous ( for good reasons).
  • I have fallen in love with apple flavored beer and whiskey.
  • On Weds of this week, I started to cry – because I was so proud of myself.
  • Four days ago, I randomly told my mother I admired her strength.
  • Today, I unwrapped Christmas decorations and remembered this is my first Christmas with out my grandmother. I cried. I miss her. I feel her still in my life. I love that.
  • Yesterday, I realized I have not been single during the holidays since 2004. I laugh. I am new to being a party of one. I am learning to embrace it.
  • I have been randomly thinking about the Wizard of Oz. It tells me that the journey is what makes the outcome.
  • I have been introduced to a lot of really cool new music.
  • I realize while cool music is cool – I really love some old (awful) tunes.
  • I sing this crap, in my house, in my car – unapologetically. Always.


TINA – Proud Mary

Journey – Don’t Stop

Nazareth- Love Hurts

Heart – Alone

Billy J – Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Cake – I will survive ( cover)

Otis Redding – Stting on the Dock of the Bay

Toto – Hold the Line

Smoky Robinson – Crusin

Barry White – I can’t get enough of your love


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