Cowardess, Courage, Compassion

Compassion. Courage. I have never considered these two words belonging together…but I have to wonder, can there be compassion without courage? I mean, what takes more bravery than stepping outside of your bubble? It feels so vulnerable to care for someone else.


What is compassion? I needed a definitive context.

The dictionary states: Compassion is the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. *definition of compassion.

Honestly, compassion sounds like a touchy-feely kinda thing to me.

I think it sounds great when I consider it in relation to people I know and LIKE – but to everyone? everywhere? strangers? enemies? hmmm.

Frankly – in a harsh world, the art of watching your own ass is as daily a practice as brushing your own teeth. It has taken me so long to get this point of street smarts…why do I need to learn to be more compassionate? Won’t it make me weaker?

I think again – if the world was a more compassionate place, then maybe I could afford be nicer…

It is scary to have to grow up and realize that the world is not a perfect place. It is frightening to understand that you can’t trust everyone and once you master being an adult in a biting world…it is again scary to think of lowering one’s gaurd, to feel for a stranger.

I found my answer – there cannot be compassion without courage.

funny,brain,courage,doroty,heart,joke-1fdd22210a2eabe290c03ae8ec23dea7_hIt is illogical for me to sit here and think, I can become more compassionate to human-kind, once human-kind becomes more compassionate to me. Who do I think I am? I mean come on – I have taken my kicks and I have had my hand-ups in life. I have received unfair treatment and I have received mercy.

If there was a way to convert my skitish fear into courage…if we all could do that in small ways …I wonder… what would happen?

If I breathe in the fear of vulnerability and exhale the desire to treat others as I wish to be treated, what kind of life would I have?

Would we awake to a more courageous and compassionate world?

Maybe it’s not that I’m not a compassionate person, maybe I have been scared to act on it…and it is always a good time to be, brave.



3 thoughts on “Cowardess, Courage, Compassion

  1. What a beautiful post.
    I believe it has more to do with nurture than nature. The conscious choice to be aware of lives other than one’s own, is something wonderful. Regardless of nature or creed, anyone nurtured in love and taught love and fairness really has no other path destined to walk.

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