Moments to remember

In your present-past, what moments do you want to remember ? What qualifies as a Life Event ?

For me – I see the Facebook prompt to add one ( a life event ) and that list blows. I scroll through it and think – ack it’s got nuthin I want on it. ( and if you read past posts, you would know I have friends that think the same. )

Voters registration ? Buying a house ? Ugh. I got one when I was 18, the other ?… Im not married, I’m not a douche bag, I’m not going to post a $$ brag.

I looked at the list of options and was frustrated ! We all have life events – real feats of personal strength :

What about breaking up with an asshole ?

Surviving a divorce with children?

Surviving a divorce,period ?

Stop giving a damn what people think ?

Today I was honest with myself ?

Today I faced a huge fear and I did it alone ?

Tonight I was out till 3, wrangled my drunk asshole friends and drank soda the WHOLE time so I could be the DD ?

I could go on and on…

Life events happen. Everyday – at least everyday we choose to do something that for us, is great.

Screw not fitting into a template of what counts. I raise my glass to you, love. For a the great and monumental things you face, likea boss.

#cheers, to you.



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