To the 2Power ~ or bust.

My friend Steph is an Aries. Fire sign. Love, love, love, her. She’s the piss to my vinegar. Inspirational ! Empowering ! Compassionate !

Her most doting lover was a Libra. So she’s convinced where he was not enough man for her spice ~ it would be perfect for me ~ based on how he was with her.

I told her as she was reading me an email from her estranged libra ex …

“Sweetie. He is how is with you …. Because its you. It’s a chemical reaction. Like water, steam & ice. Same but different.”

Sometimes, who we are + with who we are with = a “reaction”.

She stated the single me would be best suited to be with the version of me that was with my ex.

ROFL. Yup my “beshert”( the one ~ in Yiddish ) is myself.

People bring out parts of us (~ I won’t say best or worst because every part has its place ~)

We must find a balance of who are seen to be, the responsibility we hold, the respect for those roles, who we ARE as people.

An unbalanced life is not the fault of fate. It’s a fault of fear …or fear or change… or whatever it is.

The unwillingness to be complete is a cause and effect with in us.

Why we do it ? I believe the reasons are personal to the individual.

Who I was with my ex was not me.
It was a part of me, brought out that could “complete me “… but it was not my whole self.

I felt alone and ate up by obligations because I thought negating “the other” part of myself was the right thing…Instead of an awful thing.

When who you are, fails to exist, when all that is around you goes away …
~ that renaissance is hardly as romantic as it sounds. It is heinous & deafening.

When the person you see yourself as – is contingent on your job, family, money, relationships… All of that can change – and then you are faced with finding who you are again. You are forced to find how to be whole again.

I was capable of being me and being what he needed. I just didn’t have the consciousness to understand completeness.



One thought on “To the 2Power ~ or bust.

  1. I have experienced this chemical reaction with a person. It is life changing!! This was a really great read! Looking forward to reading more!!

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