The screams of a lamb

Holy crap. I just witnessed a hostile takeover. What was obviously dad and new wife taking daughter from mom’s house for visitation. The car just pulled off and I could hear the screams of the little girl.

The guy was a douche and a half from what I heard from my porch. He saw me standing here. He had a witness that could not help but hear him.

He told the toddler she wasn’t walking fast enough, alone, down three flights of stairs, in a baby parka. ( hell I couldn’t walk in that )

He then uttered without looking back, “Ava, if you fall down these stairs it’s not our fault. ”

Um. Ok. WTF?

The kid was screaming mamma… Still toddling behind while dude got into the car, new wife was hesitant who to choose – dude or toddler. He ordered them both.


I can’t help but wonder what he told people why he was divorced. I don’t wonder why he and baby mamma aren’t together. I do wonder if she knows what goes down in public – I lament what may occur in private.

It was an instant of these people’s lives. I don’t know them. I don’t know… I just don’t know, anything but what I saw.

… And I’m horrified.

That guy’s tone startled me, I can’t believe what it would do to a little kid or a woman who did not speak during this whole encounter.

I had to see her. To try and peg the dynamic, 18 year old floozy? The old mean hag? The evil cold step mother ?

I was shocked to see the newbie was a woman, who frankly appeared to be accustomed to being in a submissive dynamic and who looked scared and a little sad and indigent to it.

We’ve all heard the Stand By Your Man concept. I have no ill regards to it. But her look reminded me of it.

I wonder if the kid is still screaming. I hate I can still hear it ringing in my ears.

I do not have children. I do not begin to comment on the frustration and difficultly in raising them.

I have no doubt that man is a grade A jack hole. None. It radiated from him like stank on a lot-lizard.

At one time he was single and pickin up chicks. I wonder what he said. I wonder why they stay. ( 39 seconds was long enough for me)

You know, millions of people get abused domestically every DAY. I don’t just say women. Domestic violence effects, heterosexual and homosexual partnerships. Domestic violence happens in families that don’t speak English. Domestic violence happens to kids, siblings, dating partners, domestic partners …

There’s a lot of talk in the media about bullying. I think the the worst kind – is when it comes in the form of someone who is supposed to love you.



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