WHAAA News radio

WHAAA news radio where the lead story, entertainment and joke is YOU.

Obviously, this is not a real radio station but I have found it to be an interpersonal information source.

News is timely, relevant, organized and fact based. Features are entertaining, interesting and factual.

(Here’s where we get durty folks,) opinion-news segments and let’s just talk about it …gossip.

When facts are bendable, not existent or context is not found …truth is, you don’t know the truth.

News is important. Being informed is important. Individuals collect information because it interests them, they may need the facts, they may just want to know.

When it comes to your life and social media, have you wondered if anyone is collecting information about you ?

My first thought is why would anyone make us the topic of interpersonal discussion or ( like I will reference it ) Radio Loudmouth ?

Interest? Catching up ? Gossip?
Oh, there it is again! The awful G word.

I figure that people do the social media research because: they like you, they don’t like you or they just want to talk about you (aka research in order to star you in the next episode of “Radio WHAA”. )

I need to look at myself the next time I find myself being curious and ask if I have a purpose besides idle banter.

Hell, the object of Radio Loudmouth may never know what was said …

But committing a down-home version of slander really puts a ding in integrity and leaves an ugly scent of asshole.

And that is never a good look…on ANYONE.


2 thoughts on “WHAAA News radio

    1. Well howdy partner. Thanks for the read and the comment. WHAAA in the post was a play on words ( as in the Universal sound for whining or the “parent speak” in Charlie Brown cartoons) it is infers that the “WHAAA Radio” is useless communication.

      English, in my opinion, has plenty of vowels. Hec, if that’s what you are into, there is a show on TV that even let’s ya buy one.


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