Power up and rip it off, an education while waxing

July 19, 2013

I had to have a scotch rocks today, Glenlivet was out of the question because my intent is to drink it at a sprinting sip. Since we are so close, I can let you know that I had my waxing appointment today. While I’m sure Brazil is lovely this time of year, my Hopi Hari is still reeling from that visit.

LOL. Private ANYTHING is just funny! But what I learned to day was that beyond snickers, people are getting GLITTER down there. DazzlePus or something. Oh yea it’s like a THING! You can get some designs done and everything! I kept asking the lady at the spa, if she was kidding… Who would do this? What would they choose to get? and WHY?

  • Maybe a stop sign? (Red light, Green light and Period)
  • Maybe studs and spikes? (Yea that will teach ya not to take out the trash mofurka.)
  • Shit, why not a guest book? ( Hey! You HAVE eaten here before!)
  • For years everyone has been going on and on about men finding the female clitoris. So now, I guess, they have invented day glow arrows to help the process. I bet a power button would work, my fear is the date I have will push it and wait for a DVD to come out.




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