Tis the day, that we wait for… Now what

Christmas comes with a lot of hype and expectation – there are a lot of happy people today and also a lot of lonely ones. This is my first year single and with out some loved ones that have passed onto the next life…

Everything this year was going to be different when I ventured back to the “home town”…I was nervous.


Surprisingly, everything was perfect. I’m here now listening to my parents ( long time divorced) watching TV and chatting in the living room and I in my Old Navy Pj’s in the office blogging away and sipping on a Brandy my father had poured us all.

I feel lucky – I know how precious that feeling is – and I’m grateful for it.

(raises glass) To us, may we always be lucky and know exactly how lucky we are.

xoxoxox  Feliz Navidad Amors,






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