Snapshot of a new year

Snapshot of a new year

This was taken while on a canal boat ride, while spending a New Year’s Eve in Holland.

I remember the moment I saw this bicycle and the feeling of urgency to capture it with my camera. Just as I took this photo, the boat and I sailed by. (smile) I love this picture, and I have a copy hanging in my office now.

I was just thinking, regardless if I would have taken this picture, I would have passed under this bridge.

Delightfully, I chose to photograph a snippet of life in another Country. I took a lot of pictures on my trip, some were great and others were deleted; bad shots, ugly angles, no flash, unflattering light…I don’t recall those bad pictures at all now. I took them, evaluated them and deleted them.

My mind floats to the NYE we have got coming up!  Exciting to be starting a new epitaph of life! I love New Year’s! I have to wonder, if much like my pictures; if life can be made wonderful by the moments we capture AND by the ones we are capable of “deleting” from effecting our future.

Tonight’s recommendation is to glean through your ” photos” of 2013 and keep what you love and decide what you will delete as we move on to 2014.  OH! and I must recommend having a Chocolate Stout beer. I had one this evening while catching up with a dear, High School buddy, in a swanky coffee place in the home town. AHHH the CITY life.

 AHHH, life.. period.



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