Air -osophy – flying philosophy

Travel – what to wear when flying ?!
Every time I think I’ve got it the perfect get up, I see better ideas as I scurry about the airport.

Recently, I decided to get all techie-with it and tote my mothership laptop with me ( um – I’m pretty sure the laptop bag could fit a carseat AND a toddler. It’s a deflated raft sack, basically )

Along with the satchel of doom, I have my purse and my carry on. (All of which equal – carrying a lot.)

No matter what one wears, it is hard to look cute while lugging your gear like a pack mule.

Travel streamlining will deff be cause for research!

Travel gear / Kits
Boots: Yay or nay ? – (I think they are kinda crazy in air ports. This is not a safari, it is a security check point)

Coffee toting ( Note to self : I might be a coffee addict if – I would sooner let go of my lap top before releasing the luke warm dark roast)

*shudder- I just hope when traveling this Holiday I never have to face that choice.



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