Can’t stall on a treadmill

ImageI am taking an artistic and completely banal vacation from writing – and I was asking myself why and it is just that I am stalling. I’m also about to go work out. That’s the nice thing about a treadmill, if it’s on, you are walking… there is no stalling. 


I need a writing treadmill. LOL .


5 thoughts on “Can’t stall on a treadmill

  1. I hate treadmills. I feel like when I use them, it’s just this battle of me versus the glowing red numbers on the machine’s display. I much prefer to run outside and not have technology mocking me… 🙂

      1. If I don’t keep running, I don’t look as good in my toga. Togas are not at all flattering if you don’t have the right figure underneath… 😉

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