Coffee brew boogie

Mornings: eek.

It doesn’t matter how much sleep I have or not, the wee hours of waking up is not the perkiest time of my day. It includes me smoothing morning hair into a ponytail, shuffling to the kitchen to make coffee and music.

I don’t speak until after there is coffee.

This isn’t some hipster stance against sunrise, it’s just…what is there to say at 5:30 am? (head shake “no”. shoulder shrug)

Mmm coffee is brewing…

There may be no words, but by god, there is dancing…pajamas and all.

Here is what I’m grooving too now:

Ha! I was silently sipping, grooving and writing this…and I came across this coffee cup on Cafe Press. Haha… too perfect.


Have a good morning!



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