Letting go. That old chestnut

Tequilatude confession : suck at it.
…Good byes. Change. De-friendings. Moving. Tossing un-used items. Switching jobs…

In general, anything surrounding letting go is a friking painstaking process for me, personally.

I’ve sought advice and in my experience the folks who are great at it just ARE. They can just be done, and mosey along without a thought to it. I’m sure it’s hard for them to explain the “How To” to someone who doesn’t find it easy.

Last night, my friend Christina and I were talking about the same topic. She had just ended a relationship and shrugged it off in true trooper-style.

I asked her in amazement how she did it ?!

It wasn’t until the beers kicked in, and the local dive was at a lull in customers, did she confess – “It’s a mental thing. I know it’s over. I accept that. But in the heart, ( she taps her breast bone) it still hurts, for now.”

“What?!?” I almost popped out if the booth in excitement & confusion & horror.

“You mean to tell me that it’s not just magically over for you?! Like the head and heart don’t come to that conclusion at the same time ?!”

Christina picked up her beer mug and took a slow sip and a hard swallow, cleared her throat slightly and muttered looking out into the pub crowd and said , “…head and the heart never work at the same time. You know that. If it did, what would be the point. ”

She gazed over to me from the top of her glasses. A look that said, there is never an easy answer to matters where there is heart involvement.

I guess her advice is to make your decision, go your own way and the journey your heart takes to follow is lead by your thoughts.

I’m still not magically better at getting over things. But being reminded that its ok, it’s normal, is pretty dang cool.

Happy Friday !


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