What is it with comedians

At inception this blog was a collection of Summer madness. Friends, partying, tawdry jiggly bits and screaming wet O’s.

Then I kept writing about life as I was living it, yet the drunken fun stories dwindled and the opinion pieces started coming out.

Often I have seen comedians I thought were hysterical get more attention – more shows and specials and eventually start talking more about politics/ social issues than jokes.

I never understood WHY this happens but I was reminded of it while looking at the blog thinking “I need to get some oft friends together cause I’m running out of new material!”

Truth is, there are still fun moments and wayward romances and funny quips. There is also the thoughts and inspirations that come from adult life that (I at least, and I hope you) like talking about too.

As Tequila rips off filters ( and clothes,) Tequilatudes will remain the thoughts from an unfiltered voice.

I have felt guilty for not writing more funny smut, but it’s only funny if it’s an inspired story. ( ask my exes I can’t fake it worth a hec)

In order to remain genuine – I have to write about what’s happening … The drunk/ the deep thinkin / and the flow of stuff.

Cheers my dears – well ( at 5pm) ha.


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