Hipster conversation

I’m technically stranded at a cafe. Iced tea purchased and parking obtained and … Lap top dead.


Ugh. Paper and pen doesn’t do this to a writer dang it. So here I sit- and am subject to observing my surroundings and nearby conversations.

Coffee shop patrons vary, but it appears this is hipster day. Great. Ostentatious conversation about travel and eating free food, while getting a $3000.00 steal on the box set of some one-episode show and a Che t-shirt.

Oh holy night this older granddaddy hipster is now waxing idiotic saying that women are materialistic for going to a store. “Women are such wanters. They go to a store and drag you along and they know what they want. There was one woman I shoulda dated longer, but she didn’t know what she wanted.”

Blahahahahahah. I snort -laughed. Oops. So much for being a silent observer.


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