The cone of silence

Wow – I have been thinking about you – us – the way this has been going – we have had some great times … good laughs… delicious drinks.

I didn’t mean to leave you abandoned – I’ve been – busy, you know the drill, work, shopping, watching Bravo, avoiding writing… that old chestnut.

I don’t feel entertaining so I have not entertained in a while.  Nah, I’m not really in a frumpy mood, just kinda chill and quiet.

You know last night I was watching TV and wished Blogs could go into seasons – and when it’s off season you just “air” rebloggs to regroup for the next chapter of hell-raising and writing.

haha –  Blog-a-sodes… ok maybe it needs a new name –

Whatcha been up too? have you fallen in and or out of love? Have you had a new wine that rocks your tastebuds? Did a brazillian wax go awry? Did some girl forget to call you after night of sheer bliss? Tell me friends, what’s been wagging your tale so far in 2014?


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