“My mouth tastes like I made bad decisions last night”

I woke up at five am this beautiful morning. Poured myself some juice. Took a shower. Put my hair up in a French twist… and as I sat at my vanity…I notice an empty water cup.

Flashes of the night before start smacking my pride in the ass.

I wince at my phone. I see there are photos. Oh God.

I see my Snap Chat Ap was open. Omg. I deleted it and tossed my phone like I was killing a cockroach or detonating a bomb. (Yea like that helps)

Of course I eye my dinosaur of a computer on my desk. Ah my trusty-trisket of embarrassment. On that I recall getting on (gulp) Facebook.

I’m considering moving-changing my hair color-finding new friends – never drinking again…

Surely nothing can be THAT embarrassing you say?

Perhaps not.

Then again…this is a Tequilatude.

Mmm – I’m going to go to work early – get my day going – perhaps stop by a church – garggle some Holy Water …

More later. Coffee Cheers!





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