the kinda face only a Mother could love

moms day

The old cliché, “a face only a mother could love,” came to mind as I was thinking about Mother’s Day. As I congratulated the new Mother’s I know, I scrolled through my Facebook feed to see pictures of friends with their Moms and friends with their kids and I wondered about the implications of Mother’s Day for those of us outside the “usual look” of family.

What about the kids who only have a Dad? or maybe two Dads? or the ones with parents that have passed? or those who no longer have a Mother in their life? What about the women who suffer from fertility issues and are still battling their body and time ? I have to wonder, how do those with “non-traditional” situations regard this holiday?

I saw several comments on my Facebook feed about honoring the “Mother figures” in our lives.

What is a Mother figure? What is a “Mother”?

I assume it could mean someone who nurtures, someone who teaches and someone who loves our “face” …when it feels like the rest of the world does not.

In that case, to the child-less mothers and to the best friends and to the great guys that see past the scars of life and see the person living within the people around you…Happy “Mother’s” Day.

To the people alone today with memories and missing the family times of years ago, or feeling lost that those roots are not present at this time… I believe that every time we act with compassion and care to other people, we propagate life and give back nurturing energy into the world.To love someone who feels like no one else could care or understand at that moment, I assume, that is in essence a “Mother’s love.”

I’m feeling lonely today. My family is far away and my sweet grandmother has passed and I am a single, non child-bearing gal… on average days maybe this doesn’t bother me. On days my Mom gets on my last nerve, it does not bother me AT ALL. lol.  But on days like today, a little sad sinky feeling exists.

Do I have a legacy? Have I made a difference? When I’m gone, what is left? Are the matriarchs of my life past and present, proud of me? Will I ever be a Mom? Will I ever have a perfect relationship with my own Mom?

My nice thoughts in the paragraphs above are a reality. Are they enough to take the sting away from my deep thoughts on this pretty Sunday afternoon? Eh. ( just being honest.)

I do think it is worth a smile to think every time I have loved one of my darling friends and gave compassion… and every time they have done that for me, that this was an action we learned … from those who were “Mom’s” (in any form,) to us.



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