The 21 first dates of Summer

I have heard that the era we live in is not like the olden days. Have people really changed that much?

Maybe back in the day, relationship talks would take place on holiday at a family estate and chatting would ensue on verandas facing the countryside.

Maybe the talk would be dramatic and take place between cousins instead of between friends. Maybe it would sound like this….

“Oh, I wish I was kidding, however I am not! I had twenty-one first dates! Oh Willard, if dating were a passage way, and the genitals were a door, than this was a gaping maul of a sultry season!

A engorged moon-cave is nothing to laugh at, Willard.

Willard, I’m serious! There is nothing funny about this situation!

Nothing funny at all, except for the odd sent of Lindburger wafting off my taco, as I made an appointment to the Gyno.”


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