Thanks to Immigration, now ‘Spics are funny too

You know, growing up, would have parties at the house all the time. Sometimes, when we ran out pinatas, we would push grandma in the pool and watch her have flash backs of her swim to this Country and we would laugh and laugh. She would get so mad… ” Why ju do this to may haire? Ahora tengo que ir a la peluqueria.” ( translation: Now I have to go to the hair salon)

I told this joke to friends and at first they would get so uncomfortable, I think they wanted to laugh or they thought I was the PC police giving them an “at-home racist test.” It wasn’t a totally dead audience, there was that round of applause made by the sound of their assholes slapping shut every time I uttered the word Spic.

I started life in a bi-cultural world; American culture and my traditional Hispanic home all blended together.  I never thought much of race until I lived in other parts of the Country…I noticed in some places people didn’t meld and mix as well. Towns where the social “Melting Pot” was sticking to the sides a little.

I worked in a big city, but took a side gig in a little town about 2 hours away. Because I would work there on the weekends, I would stay the night at a local hotel and often my colleagues would be kind enough to show me about town after our shift was over. On this particular Saturday night, Chris invited me to go to a night club with him in the center of town. We arrived and I was excited to see somewhere colloquial and feel the culture of this new place. We walk in and I notice that patrons turn to look at us as we entered the bar. I thought, oh the locals are wanting to make new friends. Ooh this must be such a small place they all know one another and I am a stranger.

I muttered to Chris as the evening progressed that none of his friends came by the table. He looked confused and asked what I was talking about. I said, “Well, when we walked in, people were staring, I thought they knew you.”

Chris – ” No, they were looking at an interracial couple.”

Me – ( looking around ) “Where?!”

Chris-( laughing) “Here.”

Me- ” Who?”

Chris-” US”

Me- “No, you’re white”

Chris- ” YOU”

Me-” NOOOOOO” ( SHOCKED)…(then laughing) “Well, that is just silly. I wouldn’t date you.”


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