Coaster Quips : Hey baby

Me: Omg look at this guy with a baby! How cute is that!?
Sam: Cute
(three hours and cocktails later)
Me: OMG did I show you this picture!? He is so cute!
Sam: Yup
(two shots later)
Me: OH HOLY NIGHT! Look, he texted me that picture of him from Facebook. with a baby and I’m smitten! Like my left ovary woke up and said “Whoo hoo that’s some sexy business. Buy knee pads!”and I’m all like, “no ovary…that’s not how it works.”
Sam: That’s the same picture, of the guy and the baby. You showed me.
Me: BABY? Shhhh the ovary can hear you.
Sam: Sweetie, I think its a baby or a gremlin.
Me: Ahhhh Baby shmaybe… hell, what gal doesn’t like a guy that’s good with gremlins? Right?
Sam:(laughing) Right.
Me:What are you doing?
Sam:Writing this down.
Me: Why?!
Sam:You are going to want to remember this tomorrow.



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