I was in cell number 5 for a long time.

When you don’t know what you are waiting for. When you don’t know what will happen. Every moment you are literally trapped is echoing.

I was sitting against the wall flush to the door, the part of the bench I had designated for sleeping. I was sitting facing forward and staring at a flat metal panel against the wall. I wrote in my book when I realized what it was since it was a new discovery in an empty room that I had been sitting in for hours.

I realized the flat panel thing is a phone. It has a number pad and a speaker and a button that is for hanging up.I tried to use it to call home. The recording asked me for some calling collect pin number. I did not have one. I hung up the call and sat back down.

From the angle I was at, I could see that words were etched into the window glass. An eerie message from a past inmate.

“Death only the begging  Beginning”


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