the clank

When I walked up to the guard shack to turn myself in, the little white trailer in the middle of a parking lot type thing seemed innocent enough. Any gate that surrounded it was open, the weather was hot but sunny.

I innocently walked to the door of the shack as if I was trick-or-treating or something. I see now, that I can be an idiot sometimes. A man jumped out of the shack and barked for me to get back. I never knew I could jump backwards. I can.

I advised I was, “checking in.” I smiled and held my Target bag out like a basket of muffins at a bake sale. My little satchel was full of supplies that were listed on the sheet my attorney provided me. My ” Jail Packing List.”

He said I was supposed to be there at 5 pm. I looked at him. It was 4:40 pm. He said be here at 5 pm. I retreat to the car and return at that time.

When I walked up this time, the weird little trailer was not alone in a parking lot. It was shrouded in angry gates, several little cages were closed up around it. There was no question where I was. He saw me and opened the first gate.

We talked for a minute. The contact was there. He was kind and helpful. We had normal conversation. I followed him. I took two steps into the first area and the gate shut behind me.

That noise.

The metal locking to metal of the gate. The instant fear. The desire to cry choked back and the want to look back but I walked a little stiffer as I followed him into the women’s detention center.


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