When you elect to put things out there the price has to be paid. Writers are not exempt from this fact.

Many of you reading this now, are writers and you may identify with this.

My recent posts received the following feedback today in the form of a text. Respectfully, I want to address the very real nature of this entire experience including what it is like to hear real things that may make a writer take a step back from the keyboard and think.

” [You] were just not writing to your audience. …if someone else wrote it, I’d assume they were going for comedy via irony. However, since I know you were serious & this was coming from your heart & soul…”

The nature of the feedback was that the posts were a self pity diary.

After feelings of defensiveness, second guessing and evaluation …my response is…”OK.”

It was, what it was.

For me to say, to write, to pretend that during times of trouble that I did not succumb to feeling overwhelmed or sorry for myself would be to lie.

The passages are as real as my heart beat. It marks the steps and missteps of my human experience. For ugly or funny or cute or pathetic …it denotes the realities of life.

The stories are not all told, the day is not over and my life is still going on.

The truth, (shrug) sometimes I’m tough and sometimes I’m not. But there is always, my friends, hope for tomorrow. 😉



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