Coaster Quips: Sugar ?

Me : I just had a first date!

Chad: Oh? And?

Me: It was fantastic, we had Tapas and… I need man advice.

Chad: What’s up, bud?

Me: He asked me out for Friday, I said I was busy and then he asked me out for Sunday.

Chad: Say yes! Advice given. You are welcome.

Me: Ok, no. Look, he said for Sunday, that we should do brunch and the art market going on downtown. So, is this legit or like a supreme pimp move?

Chad: I think it is legit, but …keep the cookies in the jar for awhile.

Me: What’s awhile? This is concerning BRUNCH?! I mean that’s a come-on!

Chad: (laughs)

Me: Hey, I’m serious! A tip from me to you, brunch is hot! Hell, it’s the only meal a girl can just have sugar and champagne. I mean come on. ComeON….

Chad: Really?

Me: Brunch. Serious.

Chad: I think I have a call to make.

Me: ANNNND You. Are. Welcome.



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