The city girl and (social) corn hole.



Have you ever had great drunk sex?

Tawdry, sloppy and giggly drunk passionate sex? Hehe. Yea.

Nic had a night out with Jay – a corn-fed import from one of “those” states.

Nic and Jay had been friends for years. Jay was someone who oddly reminded her of her California people and they always had something banal, entertaining and slightly insightful to discuss.

In the spice of life, Nic knew Jay was a poblano pepper – looked good, waxy, appeared spicy but oh so mild and usually served filled with lots of sh*t.

The beauty of their affinity was that over the years; the connection never faded nor did it ever turn from platonic… At least in her eyes.

Years ago, Jay made a pass at Nic which she batted off much like you would shoo a large Golden Retriever off the couch.

Nic turned to date her fateful ex…

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