So you know how Guru’s have a vision that leads to enlightenment ? I am enlightened – but I didn’t have a vision, I had a man.

He was one in a million – (literally and figuratively.)

Three days prior to meeting Mr. Million, I had received a text from Kyle asking me out on a date. Kyle said he’d have to schedule it for the upcoming week. I replied, “I will go, unless I meet Mr. Perfect, then no chance for you buddy.” Kyle teased me in response and I said with a smirk, “He’s going to show up, I just know it.”

Knowing Kyle would schedule a friendly FWB date in the future. I proceeded to meet other people.

Three days later: I was sipping Merlot the night I said hello to Mr. Million and five other guys.

Million called me the next day and we went to dinner that night. The date, to me, was perfect.

By perfect I mean : easy to be me, beautiful place, he had impeccable manners and yet we laughed at how
much we had in common.

One full week of bliss.

And that’s all it was. One perfect week.

Can you put a price on that ?  I thought you couldn’t… but once it’s over … Can you?

Open to thoughts …is the value in the moment or the outcome ?


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