The short life of love in the carpool lane.

Is the reason you are happy the person you are with? Or is it the person you have become? Can dating be the new therapy? #Throwback


Love. What a mother fucker.
Carpooling. What a mother fucker.
Now I’m alone in the slow moving lane. “Single driver” yea. No kidding.

Three weeks ago, Samantha had a Fall luncheon at her house and invited colleagues, clients and friends.

To make a 3 week story shorter, I will give you the quick intake of the matter.

I went to the event. I socialized. I met Richard and Chris.

Richard and I got into a heated debate near the end of the evening which lead to drinks at his place. Nice but “no cigar” and I drove away ( in the single lane) that morning in peace.

Chris messaged me as I pulled out of Richard’s driveway with witty comments and friendly banter. We agreed that on his stint with visiting my home office as a vendor we should car pool. We got to know each other a bit more…

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