I’m still awake. It’s 3 AM. With the lights on. The air on blast. I’m in bed and I have forsaken my comfy comforter in favor of my couch throw.

I have my reasons.

When I close my eyes, I’m still there: Freezing cold air. Top bunk, Tiny slat of a window to my left.
The window is my savior & provider of sunlight and glimpses of green grass and one of those puff flowers you blow on and make a wish. My weak wish hits the glass and bounces back into the room, filled with people and bunks.

The lights were always on there – even when I was trying to sleep.
The noise was as constant as the lights.
My heart, beating anxiously.

Now, in my own bed, the comfortable pillow beneath my head, confuses me. When I close my eyes, I remember gathering my few belongings and…

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