Why not Squash

The flavor of the Season is pumpkin. This round, vine grower, has made its way to be a taste bud phenomenon.

I wonder what the other Gourds think about this craze? Is a spaghetti squash, longing to get out from under marinara sauce and make it to your cappuccino? Is a zucchini feeling jealous that there is no market for zucchini pie?

Why does one thing out of a group make it to popularity? Why do the others do the same work, without the acclaim?

I ponder this and think about humanity. Why are some girls popular and others are not? Why are some people promoted and others not?

Off the cuff, I would say the cult of personality would be a reason that some humans gain more attention than others. But I have to wonder…

On days we are not feeling as favored as the pumpkins this Season, maybe we should ask ourselves – when was the last time we got into something new? Fall to me is a time to reevaluate and take on new challenges.

Looking back at my last year, I can see where I fell short of being open to new opportunities and was not as flexible. I was so inflexible at times it was like sticking a zucchini in your coffee. (Aka stoic, unmoving)

I have to wonder…Was it insane for the first person to create a pumpkin flavored beer ? Was it uncomfortable to sell people on pumpkin flavored coffee ? Was it out of the box to use pumpkins for dinner, dessert, seeds and Halloween decorations? I bet so…

I have look at the other Gourds and smile. Personality is great, but versatility seems to be a key to the limelight.

(Hehe “limelight” …Limes better watch out…Pumpkins may take that over too.)


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