Is adult dating, like a roadtrip?

It is said that like attracts like. It is also said that life is like a journey.

Imagine you are on a road trip. This trip is unlike any other one you have ever taken. Every stop along the way represents a point in your own personal transformation. This transformation is the changes and stages of thought, experience and maturity.

Every stop you make on the road trip is like a point on a map of who you will be. At every pausing point of the road trip, you meet people.

Imagine stopping on the road trip at a roadside diner. Once you park along on the dusty pavement amongst other cars, and enter the diner, imagine the people who will be there.

There will be patrons, people who live in this point on your map, people who are pausing there for a set time and travelers like you that are pausing for the moment before they journey on to another point in life.

Imagine now, that you are in the beginning stages of meeting, greeting and flirting with someone sitting next to you at the counter of the diner. An attractive person, a great conversation and a chemistry is there.

Do you take any note if they are a local, who lives in the place? Is the person a traveler as well? If they are traveling, do you take any note to see where they are going ? Is their destination in the same direction as your next stop?

In dating, it is so easy to form friendly connections beyond attraction & some sort of friendship is built. Also in dating people move on and that friendship dissolves or the connection is not the same.

Often times, relationships are going great, and then they dissolve without any party being able to explain what happened.

Is it possible, those stationary when you meet them are left behind when you evolve to another point in life?

Is it possible, those transitioning as well are also like travelers in a random roadside diner ? Just company for parts of the trip but not a partner to journey on with. Is it possible, some people don’t leave us, but maybe we moved on by changing and moving on to another point of life?

Imagine stopping at the next point of your journey, upset to meet anyone new or upset feeling that you are unworthy because the locals of the last town didn’t want to hop into your car with you and move on? Or feeling hurt because other travelers were not going your way ?

I feel like dating is similar… we are all on our own journey. We may attract people who are like us, and we don’t consider that we are in a state of constant adjustment towards who we are meant to be… so when that attraction ends…it is plausible, that it is merely because you have moved on and suddenly that attractable “like” was altered with growth.

If you are still single and looking for that person, take heart…everyone knows the action of the movie happens in the middle and every good story has a happy “ending”, maybe we are just in the middle of the action and the best is yet to come.

Have a good day my friends.



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