Coaster Quips – Peek – A – Poo

Jillian & I – Brunch @ a local pub – I’m sitting at a table and have ordered a round of coffee and mimosas. Jill walks up to the table as the coffee arrives.

Jill – Who said I am not adventurous !?
Me – I don’t know, who ? ( laughing )
(Pause) oh no, what did you do ?
Jill – I drink and Snapchat.
Me – Jill you said that like a kid saying they pooed in the potty. I don’t get it.
Jill – Do you not see the implications?! I could accidentally send a double chin pict to a cute guy or a crotch shot to my cousin. Or add a nippy shot to my…
Me – For Pete’s Sake Jill
Jill – …to my story post. Whaaaat?! It’s dangerous as hell especially when in the throws of Wine-i-osis.
Me – Congrats on being a boot-leg photo journalist of smut and various oddities.
What’s next for you ?
Jill – I don’t know…fire batons ?
Me – “this girl is on fireee…”
Jill – OK is the coffee kicking in yet ?
Me – (haha) Yes. We can have a real conversation now.
Jill- Omg – I fear for people who overhear our Brunch talks.
Me – Yea… restaurants without children are imperative. So smartass what’s your real adventure ?
Jill – Cooking Quinoa without burning it to the bottom of my pot.
Me – Ha! You go wild cat!



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